The Best Infant Life Jackets

Swimming is a nice pleasure of summer, and as a parent, safety is your number one concern. Whether you are using a kiddie pool, your full-size backyard pool, a lake, or some other body of water, an infant life jacket will help keep your little one safe and sound. While nothing replaces constant adult supervision… Read More

The Best Travel Cribs

As a parent, you strive to ensure that your bundle of joy is safe, happy, and comfortable at all times. This is a particularly important consideration when it comes to their sleep. After all, a good night’s sleep is integral to the health and wellbeing of your bub. The thing is, this can be a… Read More

The Best Cabinet Locks

Child-proofing your home can be a stressful undertaking, especially given all of the products out there that claim to be “the perfect solution” for every home. Choosing the right products for your cabinets and drawers can be especially stressful as these are often some of the first places curious toddlers attempt to get into. We… Read More

The Best Crib Mattress Pads

Between sweat, dead skin cells, dust mites, and more adult mattresses can get gross enough. With spit up, diaper leaks, and more, crib mattresses can get even grosser. A crib mattress pad is essential to protect your baby’s crib mattress from these types of things. We reviewed dozens of crib mattress pads to identify the… Read More

The Best Changing Tables

There are lots of fun things about having a baby and changing diapers is not one of them. However, diaper changes are unavoidable. In fact, they have to happen several times a day. Sometimes it can feel constant. That’s why a designated changing station is so important. It provides a safe, secure place to change… Read More

The Best Prenatal Vitamins

Women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant often have one thing on their minds: helping their baby grow and develop in utero while staying strong and healthy themselves. A good prenatal vitamin can provide all the vitamins and nutrients that doctors recommend to help promote good development in utero. They can also provide… Read More

The Best Baby Gift Baskets

If you can’t decide on just one thing sto give your friend or family member who’s expecting a baby, then a gift basket is an excellent idea to give variety. But even after deciding that you’re giving a gift basket to a mom to be, you may struggle with what to include. You’ll want the… Read More

The Best Baby Bottles

The ease of feeding your baby, for a lot of parents, comes down to the quality of the bottle. You may not even start out with the intention of bottle feeding but would rather nurse – it’s always good to be prepared, and with a baby, that rings even more true. If the mother chooses… Read More

The Best Diaper Caddies

Diapers are probably the most expensive part of having a baby, and with that being the case, you may be even more frustrated with how difficult it is to store those diapers. You could just leave them in the box, but to save a bit, buying in bulk means you’ll have a pretty large box… Read More

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

When you’re a parent, you know that there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to help your baby go to sleep quickly and easily. That often means replacing the chaotic noise of your household with the white noise of a baby sound machine. White noise works by creating an even, consistent sound to balance out the contrasting,… Read More

The Best Organic Baby Food

If you’re looking to feed your baby the best, you may want to consider organic baby food. While it might be more expensive than traditional baby food, baby food made with organic ingredients is free of many of the chemicals and pesticides you’d find in other products. We reviewed dozens of organic baby foods to… Read More

The Best Potty Chairs

When your baby passes their first birthday, most parents’ minds start to turn to potty training. No matter whether your kid finds this a breeze or something that takes a little longer, one essential item you’ll need to buy is going to be a potty chair. Potty chairs bridge the gap between nappies and a… Read More

The Best Baby Food Makers

It may seem like your baby doesn’t do much the first few months, so by the time they’re old enough to eat “solid” foods, then chances are, you’ll be even more excited than they are about those first few foods. You can always opt for the extra easy button and buy the food pre-made, but… Read More

The Best Baby Formula

Most babies have baby formula at some point during their first year of life. Some parents choose to feed their babies formula from birth, while others use formula along with breastfeeding. There are various types of baby formula available, and your preferences, as well as your baby’s overall health and any allergies or sensitivities he… Read More

The Best High Chairs

As any parent knows, babies learning to eat are, well, pretty messy! They’re also wiggly and generally unable to sit safely, comfortably, and neatly on a dining room chair. The solution to this is, of course, a high chair. High chairs come in several different styles. Some stand alone, some clip onto the table, and… Read More

The Best Booster Seats

Once your toddler graduates from his or her convertible car seat, the next step is a booster seat. There are several types of booster seats, but the thing they all have in common is that the boost your child up until they’re tall and heavy enough to use just the car’s seatbelt. Depending on your… Read More

The Best Cosleepers

If you are a new parent or a parent-to-be, you have probably heard some of the debates about co-sleeping versus having your baby sleep in a crib. While either of these can be great solutions for your family, there are a few dangers associated with co-sleeping with a small infant. These can be largely mitigated… Read More

The Best Baby Backpacks

Whether you’re planning on going hiking or your baby just loves to be held, a baby backpack can take the strain off your arms and free up your hands. Outdoor companies understand that taking your children out in nature can be difficult. Thanks to modern technology, you can enjoy an ergonomic kid carrier that comes… Read More

The Best Bottle Warmers

Most babies prefer to drink milk or formula at body temperature. Since it’s not considered ideal to microwave a bottle, one way you can bring your baby’s milk to the right temperature is to use a bottle warmer. A bottle warmer not only warms breast milk or baby formula but it can also keep it… Read More

The Best Diaper Rash Creams

One of the first maladies that your baby is likely to develop is a diaper rash. This is extremely common and nothing to worry about in most cases, but it’s also uncomfortable for your baby and can become quite painful. In some cases, a mild diaper rash can progress into a bacterial or fungal infection,… Read More

The Best Pregnancy Pillows

While you may not have your sleep too terribly impacted the first few months of your pregnancy, those last few months are definitely a doozy! Whether you’re just so uncomfortable with your ever-increasing size, or you have to get up a half-dozen times each night to use the bathroom, sleep doesn’t come easy when you’re… Read More

The Best Baby Shampoos

If you want to make sure your baby’s head always smells like a baby (and not like spit-up or a dirty diaper), you’ll want to make sure you’re washing him as is recommended. While you shouldn’t bathe a newborn as often as an older child or even a toddler, and you won’t want to wash… Read More

The Best Diaper Bags

Babies don’t come with instructions, but it does seem like they come with a lot of stuff. If you’ve ever had a blow out diaper in the middle of a store or a meltdown out of boredom at an appointment, you know exactly how important some of that stuff is to take with you. When a… Read More

The Best Baby Swings

Babies of all ages love to swing. For newborns, swinging mimics the motion they felt in the womb, and babies often find the motions soothing and fun through toddlerhood and beyond. A baby swing is often considered a must-have item for parents-to-be. There are many types available, from newborn swings that include rockers or bouncers… Read More

The Best Baby Walkers

For the child who can sit up or is beginning to stand up, a baby walker provides added opportunity to satisfy her curiosity, while helping fine tune her motor skills at the same time. Baby walkers feature a wide range of possibilities for your growing child. Choose from sit-down models so your child can build… Read More

The Best Baby Monitors

A baby monitor allows you to monitor your baby when you aren’t in the same room together. It can provide peace of mind for parents or guardians while children are asleep in their bedrooms or playing in an adjacent room. Baby monitors can perform a wide variety of functions beyond just listening for or viewing… Read More

The Best Diaper Pails

Babies need diapers, and diapers need somewhere to go after they’ve been used. And at the rate a baby needs a diaper change, having a spot designated for the smelly bundles is helpful and convenient. Diaper pails provide a specific area to toss the used diapers so you don’t have to traipse across your home… Read More

The Best Baby Baths

Splish, splash, your little one is going to need a bath! If you are expecting a baby soon, a baby bath tub is going to make bath time much easier. A baby tub holds slippery little ones in place so you can lather them up and rinse them off without losing your grip. There are… Read More

The Best Crib Mattresses

As any soon-to-be parent knows, babies sleep a lot. Whether you decide to sleep with your baby in your room or in his or her own nursery, your new little one should have a safe mattress to sleep on. It can be difficult to choose which type of crib mattress to get, since there are… Read More

The Best Car Seats

Babies, toddlers, and young children need to ride in car seats or booster seats whenever they are in a car. With all of the many options available, it can be difficult to decide which type you need, which brand to get, and what will best keep your little one safe and comfortable. Car seats range… Read More

Gifts for mom to be

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a soon-to-be mom? Well, look no further. Our friends at Simply Mom to Be have provide a guide of the safe mom and baby friendly products available on their site. Check out the site, learn more about them, and read through their their list of recommended gifts… Read More

Child having a tantrum

Tantrums can be triggered for different reasons, or for what appears to be no reason at all. If you are reading this article you can probably relate to the following scenarios. Your child is on the floor in the middle of the supermarket, kicking and screaming because you won’t buy them apple juice. They don’t… Read More

Baby shower

Planning a baby shower is an exciting way to be a part of a loved one’s growing family—but what if you’ve never done it before? Are there trends that have become best practices? Will guests be expecting something totally different than what you’ve planned? Relax. A baby shower is supposed to be fun for the… Read More

Pediatrician and baby

So, your baby is due in a few weeks and you’re starting to get worried. What if your baby gets sick? Who do you turn to for help and advice? Choosing the right pediatrician can indeed be a challenging task, especially if you’re new to the parenting business. But there’s no need to panic. Every… Read More

Mom and dad building a crib for the baby

The two lines appeared on the pregnancy test. The doctor confirmed it. You’re having a baby! Once the euphoria ends though, you may find yourself beginning to stress. Preparing for a baby can definitely be overwhelming. The baby product industry alone is a $73.86 billion-dollar-a-year industry worldwide. And that’s just products your baby may need…. Read More

Baby Sleeping

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a sleep-related syndrome that causes infant deaths. SIDS is an exceptionally heartbreaking situation, but thankfully, there are actions that you and all caregivers for your baby can take to reduce the risk of it and other sleep-related causes of infant death. 1. Know What to Avoid Before your baby… Read More

Mom feeding baby carrots

Your baby’s doctor will give you the best advice for feeding your baby, but it’s always good for parents to have an idea of why, when, and how to start a baby on solids so they feel prepared for the task. Starting solids is a necessary step in child development and nutrition, but every baby… Read More

Baby crying

When it comes to life-changing experiences, having a baby tops the list. A newborn alters every aspect of your life, and even with an “easy” baby, the transition is an enormous one. However, when your baby has colic, settling into your new role can seem like an insurmountable task. Beyond suddenly being responsible for someone… Read More

Pregnant women exercising

Staying fit during pregnancy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help alleviate many unwanted symptoms associated with pregnancy, and even result in an easier childbirth. Focus on what your body needs to perform at its best, inside and out, to aid your child growing inside of you. Follow these expert tips to maximize your vitality… Read More

Mom working out with baby in stroller

From the moment that we find out that we’re having a baby, we’re filled with excitement! While we think about practical things like what the gender of the baby is, and how to decorate the nursery, our little one is growing bigger each day! As you’ll be well aware, weight gain is part and parcel… Read More

Woman with morning sickness

Pregnancy can be an incredible and exciting time, but nothing puts a damper on that initial glow like morning sickness. As many 90 percent of pregnant women experience morning sickness and it’s often one of the first signs of pregnancy. Exactly how morning sickness manifests varies from woman to woman. About half of pregnant women… Read More

Mother trying to get daughter to behave

It’s natural that children test our boundaries. How many times have you told a child to do something and they refuse? Bad behavior, tantrums, and not listening to instructions are frustrating, but knowing how to deal with a naughty 5 year old will help you to take control of the situation without losing your temper…. Read More

Pregnant woman

When you and your partner want to have a baby, it’s hard to stop thinking about it. You’re so excited and can’t wait for all of the little moments that you’ll get to experience as a mom. You picture your son or daughter opening presents with a grin on their little face on Christmas morning…. Read More

Baby with infant reflux

If your baby brings up milk after every feed, especially if they cry, it can be very upsetting. You might well be worried whether your little one is getting enough nourishment and you may feel a bit helpless. The good news is that reflux is very common, and it’s usually nothing to worry about. That… Read More

Mother with baby on a plane

Traveling is a rewarding experience for any family, but getting there and back can be a daunting experience for new parents. Flying on your own is one thing, but flying with a baby is a whole different ordeal. While most of the basics remain the same—make sure you don’t miss your flight, pack everything you… Read More

Woman disciplining a toddler

Understanding “Bad Behavior” Most of the time, what we consider bad behavior in toddlers is the result of poor impulse control.  Most children don’t begin to develop impulse control until they are between the ages of 3.5 and 4 years old. For the most part, toddlers aren’t trying to be bad, they just can’t help… Read More

Pregnant woman

The word “miscarriage” can be a scary word for any woman who longs to be a mother. If you have recently been through a miscarriage or just want to learn how to avoid a miscarriage, there are certain steps you can take to ensure you are providing the best self-care to help welcome a healthy… Read More

Disciplining a child

You might think that disciplining a one year old sounds harsh. Discipline is frequently considered synonymous with punishment, but while punishment is a penalty for bad behavior, discipline is about teaching. In her book, The Good News About Bad Behavior, Katherine Reynolds Lewis says, “When I think of discipline, I think of the time and… Read More