Giving a Gift to Dad

What’s the best way to completely spoil the special man in your life? Whether it’s for their birthday, a special occasion, a congratulatory gift, or even just to express how much you love them, there’s a gift out there that they’re sure to love.

That’s not to say the task of tracking down the perfect gift is an easy one. It can be incredibly difficult, especially if he’s someone who doesn’t have a wishlist of items they want. So, in order to find the perfect gift, you’ll have to get creative and really think about what would knock their socks off. It’s all about finding a gift that they’ll cherish for years to come, whether that be in a physical sense for an item, or in their memories of a special experience.

If you’ve already racked your brain for ideas but are still struggling to come up with any winning ones, just refer to our handy guide below. We’ve picked 8 of the best gifts for the man in your life.

1. A Subscription to Their Favorite Publication

Got a bit of a reader on your hands? They’ll be bowled over by your thoughtfulness once they see your gift of a subscription to their favorite publication! Don’t just think about magazines, either. It could be a scientific journal they’re obsessed with, or a website they always try to get around the paywall when browsing.

2. A Delicious Bouquet

Did someone say chocolate coated strawberries? Or was it candied fruits? Either way, a delicious edible bouquet is one surefire way to put a smile on your man’s face. After all, it’s hard not to be pleased when presented with delicious fresh fruits and artisan chocolate. Particularly when it’s in a stunning arrangement that not only looks great, but tastes scrumptious!

3. A Wallet

While they will never admit it, many men are carrying around wallets that are well past their prime. Despite being completely tattered wallets, some men find it hard to give them up. Perhaps it’s because they’d never think to buy a new one when their own one still just about does the job of holding their money. Surprising your man with a new wallet may just convince them it’s time to say goodbye.

4. A Hilarious T-shirt

If your man is always sporting hilarious t-shirts, why not make his day by adding one to his collection? T-shirts are an incredibly practical gift, especially if their wardrobe is a bit on the lighter side! There are tons of online stores that sell fun t-shirts to check out, like Threadless. Bonus points if you manage to find a t-shirt with a quote from your shared favorite show, or that represents an inside joke between you.

5. A Donation to a Cause They Care About

If you’re looking for the ideal gift for a man who has a huge heart, or someone who really doesn’t desire any more physical items, donating to a cause they care about will mean a lot to them. Whether they’re a human rights activist, really care about promoting internet freedom, or supporting scientific research, there are no shortage of charities or NGOs you can donate to in their name.

6. A Thrilling Experience

Dating or married to a bit of a daredevil? The perfect gift for this type of man is a thrilling experience! Whether bungy jumping, skydiving, or white water rafting, get his heart beating by organizing for them to join in on an action-packed day.

7. A Dinner Date

If your man speaks with his stomach, a dinner date may just be the way to go. Whether you choose to dress to the nines for a night of fine dining, or buy a ridiculous amount of Chipotle to pig out on, their stomach is sure to rumble. You can even check a coupon site like Groupon for special deals.

8. A Video Game

For those of you who often have to tear away your man from their gaming console or computer, a video game is an easy choice. Is there one they’ve been pining after, or is there a new game that has the gaming world abuzz? If you don’t have the faintest clue about gaming, a bit of research will be required to nail this gift. Either find a way to sneakily ask their gamer friends what they’d like, or find a roundup of the best games of all time or of the year.

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