Pregnant woman

When you and your partner want to have a baby, it’s hard to stop thinking about it. You’re so excited and can’t wait for all of the little moments that you’ll get to experience as a mom. You picture your son or daughter opening presents with a grin on their little face on Christmas morning. You think about the themed birthday parties that you’ll throw. You can see everything perfectly, and it’s already amazing.

But before you welcome your bundle of joy, you have to first get pregnant. Since you’re ready for a baby, you will want this to happen as quickly as possible. Read on to find out 5 ways to get pregnant, fast.

1. Visit The Doctor

The first thing that you should do when you want to get pregnant is to make an appointment with your doctor. You can ask them any questions that you have and find out if there’s anything that you need to know about. For instance, if you have diabetes, asthma, or another health condition which is described as of a chronic nature then that could factor into your pregnancy.

2. Make Some Lifestyle Changes

You know that you feel your best when you live a healthy lifestyle and when you’re eating green vegetables, resting enough, and keeping calm no matter what’s going on. The same thing is true when you want to get pregnant fast. If you’re not living healthily, it’s important to make some lifestyle changes that will increase your chances of falling pregnant.

  • Stop Stressing

If you want to fall pregnant, you will need to stop stressing. While you already know stress isn’t good at any point in your life, it’s particularly important to cut back on stress when you want to get pregnant. The reason it’s so vital is that being stressed out can negatively affect ovulation.

Of course, this can be tough if you’re worried about how long it’s going to take to conceive or if you’re experiencing trouble conceiving. But the best thing that you can do is stay calm. Work out how you best keep stress at bay—whether that’s yoga, binge-watching Netflix, long walks, or reading.

  • Your Diet

When you want to get pregnant fast, taking a multivitamin could be a good idea. A study discovered that women who added a multivitamin to their daily routine had a 41% less chance of being infertile. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the multivitamin should have 400 micrograms of folic acid and you should take one a day a minimum of one month to aid in stopping birth defects. If you’re unsure which multivitamin is right for you, consider taking a prenatal multivitamin. We recommend trying Actif Organic Prenatal Vitamin, which contains over 25 vitamins, minerals, DHA, and folate. You should also try to eat foods that have folate in them, such as beans, citrus, nuts, and leafy greens.

  • Working Out

When you want to get pregnant, you want to be careful about a few things exercise-wise. The first tip is to engage in “moderate exercise” which, for example, could mean walking at a fast pace for half an hour five days a week (or two and a half hours weekly). But it’s important to keep in mind that too many days of high-intensity workouts can stop ovulation.

  • Alcohol And Caffeine

You don’t have to say goodbye to your beloved morning cup of coffee when you want to get pregnant, but the general advice is to not overdo it. 16 oz of coffee a day is the recommendation. You should also cut back on alcohol if you’re committed to the goal of falling pregnant quickly.

3. Learn About Ovulation

The third thing that you should do when you want to get pregnant is learn about ovulation. This is connected to your sleep and stress, too. If you’re feeling stressed or not sleeping enough, that can make your period late or irregular.

So, what do you need to know about ovulation? To figure out when you will be ovulating, find out how long your cycle is and then delete 14 days. So, for example, you would ovulate on day number 14 in a 28-day cycle.

You can get Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPKs) and these will be able to tell when there is an increase in LH (luteinizing hormone) in your urine. Christopher Williams, M.D., a reproductive endocrinologist, suggests that women go off birth control months prior to trying for a baby as this will allow your cycle to re-adjust so you can see when you ovulate.

4. Let’s Talk About Sex

After figuring out when you ovulate, the next step is to figure out when to have sex. You want to aim for your “fertile window.” Experts suggest to have sex every other day. This is so sperm has a greater chance of meeting the egg when your body is ready for that process. It’s important to note that the egg will live for 24 hours, but sperm can stay alive for five days.

According to Dr. Mary Ellen Pavone, a reproductive endocrinologist, it’s a good idea to aim for this type of schedule. She told Livescience that “having sex every other day might be easier for a couple to pull off.”

You may have heard that you should lie on your back after sex when you want to get pregnant. Experts suggest that you and your partner have sex prior to falling asleep so you can lie on your back afterward. Experts also say to not use lube as that affects sperm  negatively and changes the vagina’s pH balance.

5. Have Your Partner Make Some Changes, Too

When you want to get pregnant fast, it’s important that your partner makes some changes, too. The general advice is to avoid hot tubs. Your boyfriend or husband also shouldn’t keep their cell phone on their lap: according to a study conducted by Fertility And Sterility Journal, men who did this had a dip in the quality of their sperm.

Men should also get enough vitamin C, folic acid, and zinc to enhance the health of his sperm. They should also not drink more than three alcoholic beverages a day.


When you want to get pregnant fast, it can be hard to wait because you want to have a baby right now. Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to ensure that you have the best chance at a fast pregnancy.

From switching up lifestyle factors such as eating more folate-rich foods and cutting down on stress, to visiting your doctor to learning all there is to know about ovulation, you will be well prepared for this big and exciting change in your life.