Gifts for mom to be

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a soon-to-be mom? Well, look no further. Our friends at Simply Mom to Be have provide a guide of the safe mom and baby friendly products available on their site. Check out the site, learn more about them, and read through their their list of recommended gifts below:

Simply Mom to Be is a new website for all things related to being an expectant mom and having a baby. This convenient website is full of tips, organic products and also has ready to ship boxes that are suited to help out a new mother. The boxes make it easy to provide healthy, safe products for a pregnant mom’s needs, all in one convenient shipment; no need to shop around or search for quality products. Skin care products, healthy treats that promote wellness and teas that promote calm and peace are in these boxes, making them the perfect gift for the expectant mom. These thoughtful, helpful gifts are perfect for your wife, friend, daughter or co-worker! Give a gift that will be truly useful. A responsive team is also just an email away for questions or advice. Please visit for more information and to place an order today.


Our boxes have everything you want in one place, to take care of your skin or enjoy healthy snacks. We provide you with a box for every trimester and important stages in your pregnancy. Our First trimester box helps you walk through the beginning stage of pregnancy. The products in the first trimester box include morning sickness remedies to help reduce nausea, a belly band, and skin cream. You can also celebrate the joy and excitement of a new baby by enjoying our Breastfeeding Gift Box. This box contains gifts for new moms who are breastfeeding including products for lactation, sore nipples, and washable nursing pads.

Our range of natural products will help you feel radiant, healthy and happy during your pregnancy. As a mom to be self-care is very important and we are here to help you. Self-care is a practice, it is a commitment we make to ourselves as moms so that we may do the important work we are here to do. So why not start early on in your pregnancy – Do not abandon your own self-care, enjoy our simplymomtobe boxes.


We at simplymomtobe are pleased to introduce to you, a place to find not only healthy and organic products for moms to be, but encouragement, inspiration, and motivation for pregnancy. Our Expectant mom gift boxes contain everything from natural belly butter and fragrant bath crystals to belly bands and healthy, organic snacks. We understand and experienced pregnancy, so we are here with all sorts of tips to help you go through this beautiful journey.

The Simply Mom to Be Team

Simply Mom To Be has one thing in mind: we want you to provide the best products for expectant moms.

LINA Founder and CEO of Simply Mom To Be

Lina is the mother of Ben and Baby Olivia, a running fanatic, and a professional FOODIE!

ANDREA, Co-founder and Ux Designer

Andrea is a UX Designer and language lover, always ready to create user-driven designs and experiences. Creativity and innovation are her everyday motto! She is also Ben and Baby Olivia cool aunt.

CAROLINA, Public Relations Rep

Carolina is a mom of two boys Nathaniel and Julian, a passionate social worker and loves to dance/travel/drink coffee.

MARIA, Graphic Designer

Maria is a digital visual Designer and botanical illustration lover. Always ready to design creative graphic pieces from thee innovation.