Baby room

Ok, we’ll repeat the cliché that this is an exciting time. You’re about to have your first baby, and you are wondering exactly what you should do to ensure that your apartment is ready for your baby’s arrival. To help you, we present you with six important things you need to do before your child is born:

Clean It

While this may seem obvious, it’s a good idea to get your apartment cleaned now. No matter where you live, from small Minneapolis apartments to New York City penthouses, cleaning is of utmost importance for all people.

Of course, you want to make sure that any germs and/or pathogens have been removed from your residence, and even though your baby won’t be crawling around on the floor for a while, you’ll feel a lot better if everything has been cleaned and sanitized before you and your child get home.

And since you are going to be amazingly busy (this is no secret!) caring for your little one, there may not be time to even think of major cleaning projects once you are caring for your child, so you need to get these things done before the baby is born.

White Noise

You might get lucky and be blessed with a baby that sleeps when you do. However, as we all know, this is in no way guaranteed, and since some babies are easily startled, purchasing a white noise machine or app can really help in providing a consistent, cozy and comfortable sleeping environment. This is especially important if you live near a busy street or in a noisy apartment complex.

Watch Those Edges

Within a year your little one may start to walk, and if there are any coffee table-like structures in your home, eventually your little girl or boy will grow and be face-level with some nasty edges. To avoid accidents and trips to the emergency room, check out corner guards for any item that someone can smack their head into.

Rocking Chair

Even if you haven’t been a fan of rocking chairs thus far, you may change your mind quickly. Babies like rocking motions, and rather than standing up to accomplish this, sitting on a plush and comfy rocker can really help encourage restful sleep. Again, research what’s out there before you and the baby get home.

Child Proof

This tip is one of the most important. Take a careful look at everything in your apartment that is at ground level and secure it, lock it, hide it or remove it so your baby will not be able to explore dangerous areas. Some common problem spots are under the kitchen sink and anything in the bathroom. There are many child-proofing gizmos available, so take your time and do some good diligence before the big event occurs.

Get Caught Up

Face it, you are going to get behind in your daily chores when the baby arrives. Therefore, get ahead before your baby is born. Get your financials in order, clean out any closets that are a mess, straighten up the garage, finish nagging projects and clean up the yard. Use the time before your baby arrives to get ahead, because your world will certainly be different after the birth of your child.