The Best Infant Life Jackets

Swimming is a nice pleasure of summer, and as a parent, safety is your number one concern. Whether you are using a kiddie pool, your full-size backyard pool, a lake, or some other body of water, an infant life jacket will help keep your little one safe and sound. While nothing replaces constant adult supervision… Read More

The Best Baby Formula

Most babies have baby formula at some point during their first year of life. Some parents choose to feed their babies formula from birth, while others use formula along with breastfeeding. There are various types of baby formula available, and your preferences, as well as your baby’s overall health and any allergies or sensitivities he… Read More

The Best High Chairs

As any parent knows, babies learning to eat are, well, pretty messy! They’re also wiggly and generally unable to sit safely, comfortably, and neatly on a dining room chair. The solution to this is, of course, a high chair. High chairs come in several different styles. Some stand alone, some clip onto the table, and… Read More

The Best Booster Seats

Once your toddler graduates from his or her convertible car seat, the next step is a booster seat. There are several types of booster seats, but the thing they all have in common is that the boost your child up until they’re tall and heavy enough to use just the car’s seatbelt. Depending on your… Read More

The Best Cosleepers

If you are a new parent or a parent-to-be, you have probably heard some of the debates about co-sleeping versus having your baby sleep in a crib. While either of these can be great solutions for your family, there are a few dangers associated with co-sleeping with a small infant. These can be largely mitigated… Read More

The Best Bottle Warmers

Most babies prefer to drink milk or formula at body temperature. Since it’s not considered ideal to microwave a bottle, one way you can bring your baby’s milk to the right temperature is to use a bottle warmer. A bottle warmer not only warms breast milk or baby formula but it can also keep it… Read More

The Best Diaper Rash Creams

One of the first maladies that your baby is likely to develop is a diaper rash. This is extremely common and nothing to worry about in most cases, but it’s also uncomfortable for your baby and can become quite painful. In some cases, a mild diaper rash can progress into a bacterial or fungal infection,… Read More

The Best Baby Swings

Babies of all ages love to swing. For newborns, swinging mimics the motion they felt in the womb, and babies often find the motions soothing and fun through toddlerhood and beyond. A baby swing is often considered a must-have item for parents-to-be. There are many types available, from newborn swings that include rockers or bouncers… Read More

The Best Baby Baths

Splish, splash, your little one is going to need a bath! If you are expecting a baby soon, a baby bath tub is going to make bath time much easier. A baby tub holds slippery little ones in place so you can lather them up and rinse them off without losing your grip. There are… Read More

The Best Crib Mattresses

As any soon-to-be parent knows, babies sleep a lot. Whether you decide to sleep with your baby in your room or in his or her own nursery, your new little one should have a safe mattress to sleep on. It can be difficult to choose which type of crib mattress to get, since there are… Read More

The Best Car Seats

Babies, toddlers, and young children need to ride in car seats or booster seats whenever they are in a car. With all of the many options available, it can be difficult to decide which type you need, which brand to get, and what will best keep your little one safe and comfortable. Car seats range… Read More

The Best Baby Strollers

If you have a baby and you want to leave the house, a baby stroller is an invaluable piece of equipment to have on hand. Strollers come in many different styles; many people, from new parents to seasoned grandparents, find it difficult to choose the best baby stroller for their particular needs. We evaluated dozens… Read More